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National Passport

The act of granting a passport to a national citizen is one of the tasks performed by this Consulate General. Although the document itself is produced by the Migration and Foreigners Services (Serviços de Migração e Estrangeiros-SME), the Angolan citizen residing in this Consulate’s jurisdictional area must present the required documentation for a passport request from the SME to our Consular Services.

The National Passport is the International Identification Document for Angolan Citizens and is the property of the State, who may remove it at any time in case of inappropriate use. Therefore, its loss or misplacement must be immediately communicated to this Consulate.

Required Documents:

  • Previous passport (photocopy of all pages)
  • Three passport-type pictures, less than on year old and taken against a white background
  • Photocopy of the Identity Card; if unavailable, then full birth certificate narrative
  • Employer or School Declaration for Students (showing occupation)
  • Current Residence Certificate or Consular Registration
  • Forms, cover and form duly completed (available at the Consulate)

The request for Ordinary Passports for minors or incapacitated individuals must, besides the documents contained in number 1 of this section, be attached by a declaration of responsibility signed by the parental, guardian or curatorial authority, or representation of the photocopy of the respective Identity Card.

Anyone making false declarations will be subject to sanctions according to the terms of Angolan legislation.

Safe Conduct

A Safe Conduct is an International Identification Document granted to national citizens who, due to loss, misplacement, theft, destruction or inexistence of a passport, desire to return to Angola.

Required Documetns:

  • Two recent, color, passport-type pictures on a white background
  • One Angolan identification document
  • In case of loss, misplacement or theft, applicant must present a local police report confirm the loss, misplacement or theft of the document
  • Consular Registration
  • Request in writing for a Safe Conduct addressed to the Consul-General
  • Travel document (travel ticket) valid for travel to the Angolan Territory

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