Military Census

The Military Census is a mandatory act for all Angolan citizens of the masculine gender, and it takes place the year the citizen completes 18 years of age.

In order to maintain a current military status, the male citizen affected by this ruling must present himself at the Consulate General, in the month of January of each year, or even after this period and bring the following:

Required documents:

  • Angolan passport.

For young men born abroad:

  • Identity Card
  • Personal Identity Document (Cédula) as proof of civilian registration in Angola
  • Four passport-type photographs
  • OBS: The Military Census act is governed by the following legislation:
  • General Law of Military Service – Law #1/93, dated March 23, and Council of Ministers Resolution #18/98 dated December 31.

Duties of the Citizen Registered in Census Once Angolan [male] citizens complete 18 years of age, they are required to register in census (section 29)

Inform the authorities, where registered in census, within 20 days:

  • Changes of residence
  • Changes in the work or study center, or academic, technical or professional changes
  • Changes in the family unit (including marital status changes), section 33
  • Individuals giving false declarations or omitting information pertaining to census data are committing a crime punishable under the terms of section 242 of the Penal Code (section 34)

Citizens that do not present themselves when they must for census registration will pay a penalty, and the benefit of military postponement will be revoked (section 36)

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