A marriage is the voluntary union between a man and a woman, formalized in the terms of the law with the objective of establishing a life in common.

.Individuals able to contract matrimony are all those individuals for whom no matrimonial impediments exist, as contained in the Angolan or special legislation.

Only individuals over 18 years of age may marry

Exceptionally, a man who has completed 16 years, and a woman who has completed 15 years of age, may marry when, considering their particular circumstances and the minors’ interests, matrimony is the best solution.

The authorization to which the above item refers will be granted by Parents, Guardians or by the individual(s) who have charge of the minor(s). The Court on the advice of the Family Court can issue this authorization when refusal of authorization is shown to be unjustified.

Formalities Inherent to the Registration of Marriage Performed Before the Consular Agent

By registration:

The following are the necessary requirements:

  • That the individuals, or at least one of them, contracting matrimony be Angolan citizens
  • Narrative Birth Certificate authenticated by the MIREX (Ministry of Foreign Relations) valid for 1 (one) year
  • Fotocopia do Bilhete de Identidade ou Passaporte (não expirado);
  • Photocopy of valid Identity Card or Passport
  • Residency Certificate or Consular Registration
  • Military Document, if groom is of military age
  • Form of Declaration issued for the marriage act by the Consulate
  • Form of Impediment Declaration (Section 8, Family Code)
  • The final Mission Chief approval

When one of the individuals is a foreigner, a Matrimonial Aptitude Certificate issued by the intervening foreign country will be required to prove the individual’s marital status.

By Transcription:

Marriages that are performed before the appropriate local civil authorities are recorded by transcription.

Documents to present to the Consular Post:

  • Original Marriage Certificate issued by the local authorities (translated into Portuguese and notarized)
  • Identification of the individuals contracting matrimony (photocopy of Identity Card or National Passport)
  • Two witnesses with the appropriate identification (photocopies of the Identity Card or National Passport)

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