Consular Registration

The Consular Registration is a voluntary act, initiated by the individual interested in such registration, which will be processed by the Consulate.

Consular Registration, besides allowing the National Citizen abroad to be known to the Consular Representation, constitutes a major pre-requisite without which no other consular act may be performed, such as Registration of different Records, issuance of Travel titles, etc.

It is important to note that the Consular Registration is only executable upon presentation of proof of citizenship by means of document valid in the country of origin, such as Identity Card (B.I.), Full Narrative Birth Certificate or Personal Identification Document (Cédula Pessoal). The Consular Registration is also executable by applicant presenting an individual citizenship declaration, which will, in the meantime, be sent to the appropriate authorities in Angola for confirmation of citizenship, prior to issuance of Consular Card. The Consular Registration itself does not, on its own constitute title conferring Angolan nationality (item 2., section 20, Nationality Law, #13/91, issued May 11).

Documents Required for Consular Registration

  • Angolan Identity Card (B.I.)/Birth Certificate/Personal Identity Document
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Residence Certificate/Card
  • Three (3) current, color passport-type photos

For the overall improvement of the organization of the records of the local community, the Consulate has, since March 2009, conducted a campaign to identify the members of the Angolan community by issuing new consular identification cards. For this purpose, we request that all Angolan citizens residing in the States over which this Consular Representation has jurisdiction to visit the Consulate General, in Houston, Texas during the Consulate’s operational schedule. Citizens residing in the States under jurisdictional coverage of this Consulate, must consult the local Associations as to the dates that the Consular team will travel to the different States in order to perform their Consular Registration.

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The Angolan Consulate Office in Houston covers nine US States, stretching from Southeastern through Southwestern United States, namely, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Novo Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

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