Birth Registration

All citizens born of Angolan parents, or born of Angolan mother or father may obtain an Angolan birth registration.

Required Documents:

  • Original American document issued by the local vital records bureau, showing proof of birth of the individual in question in that jurisdiction, translated into Portuguese
  • Parents’ identification document (Identity card or Passport)
  • Consular Registration form completed by both parents
  • Identification documents for two witnesses (photocopy of Identity Card or Passport)
  • If the parents of the individual being registered are married, only one of the parents is required to sign the birth registration. If not married, both parents must be present and sign the registration

Naming the newborn

When naming the newborn, the following dispositions contained in current legislation (Law #10/85, published in ‘Diario da Republica’, dated October 19, 1985, Series I #84, which modifies Section 1 of Law #10/77, dated April 9) must be observed:

  • Full name must not exceed five single names, of which only two may compose the first name and the remaining composing the family and last names.
  • In specifically justified cases, depending on the composition of the parents’ names, the maximum number of names may be raised to six; however, the limit of two for the first name remains.
  • First names, or at least one of them, will have be in the national or Portuguese language
  • First names in other languages may be used in their form of origin or in adapted form
  • Last names are mandatory and will be chosen among the paternal and maternal family names, or from both parents’ of the individual being registered. The suffix “Neto” or “Junior” may not be appended to the last name

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