The original population of the territory now covered by this province were Khoisan, of which today there are small residual groups. They were marginalized by people of shepherds or agro-pastoralists, from various sources, which today are made in a variety of ethnicities.

The agro-pastors ethnic groups are part of the relatively heterogeneous group of Nyaneka-Humbe, highlighting the Mwila who are the most numerous and whose name the plateau and the province of Huila derive their designations. Among the pastors ethnic groups, the Kuvale have the greatest weight.

Gentile for this state are Angola Huila, huilense, formerly the province was called old Sá da Bandeira. Currently some residents there call it Ex-Sá da Bandeira. It could have been the capital but the title was awarded to current capitalLuanda. It is considered one of the cleanest cities of Angola. Seventy-seven percent of the population is black and twenty-three percent of white and colored. The city possesses one of the largest cathedrals in Angola. The census will be held in seven states of the country, including Huíla, qa state's population is estimated to be 2.78 million in 2013.

Huila is a province of southern Angola. It has about 1.5 million inhabitants and 79,022 km². Its capital is the city of Lubango. It consists of 14 municipalities: Caconda, Cacula, Caluquembe, Chiange, Chibia, Chicomba, Chipindo, Cuvango, Humpata, Jamba, Lubango, Matala, Quilengues and Q

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