Cuanza Sul


Kwanza Sul and Kwanza-Sul is a province of Angola. It has an area of ​​55,660 km² and a population of approximately 600,000 inhabitants. Its capital is Sumbe that is distant 330 km from Luanda and Benguela 208km. The province consists of the municipalities of Amboim, Cassongue, Cela, Conda, Ebo, Libolo, Mussende, Porto Amboim, Quilenda, Quibala, Seles and Sumbe.

The most important activities in the province are coffee production, fishing and local crafts.

The province is famous for its cave paintings from the Neolithic era and ruins of ancient fortifications.


The foundation of this province occurred at the mouth of Ngunza River in 1769, the Governor-General of Angola, D. Francisco Inocencio de Sousa Coutinho. The Ngunza river is named in honor of the then chief Ngunza Kabolo.

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