Cuanza Norte


Kwanza-Norte and Kwanza-Norte is a province of Angola. It has an area of ​​24,110 km² and a population of approximately 654,000 inhabitants. Its capital is N'dalatando. It consists of the municipalities of Ambaca, Banga, Bolongongo, Cambambe, Cazengo, Golungo Alto, Gonguembo, Lucala, Quiculungo and Samba Caju.


The Kwanza-Norte has production avocado, oil palm, cotton, sisal, robusta coffee, banana, pineapple, corn, castor, citrus, peas, cola, Cutelinho beans, cowpeas, goaibeira, papaya, cassava and sorghum. In animal production, characterized by cattle. The province also has the extraction of the following minerals: quartz, iron, diamonds, manganese and copper. Its industry is characterized It is mainly for the production of textiles, food, beverages and tobacco. In the city of Dondo, in the municipality of Cambambe, is located the factory of EKA, one of the most popular beers in the country.

Primarily agricultural, the province, like the rest of the country suffered the effects of war, which has a deficit in food plan and beyond. They are currently being rehabilitated the immense agricultural fields: products like juicy pineapple, cassava, the vegetables, etc. They are already produced with some abundance, which will allow in the short term, alleviate the food shortages of the population. The coffee was one of the great bastions of agricultural production, Kwanza-Norte. This sector has also recorded some recovery.

The province is connected by many national highways that connect it to the Angolan capital, Luanda. Local agriculutra is divided into three areas, the first is called plateau, in which it makes the production of cereal and coffee crops, and also is suitable for livestock, this area is formed by the municipalities of Ambaca, Samba Cashew and Lucala .

The second area is mountainous, dedicated to the culture of coffee, palm and fruit trees, food crops are carried out in the municipalities of Bolongongo, Quiculungo, Banga, Cazengo, Golungo Alto and Gonguembo.

Finally, the third zone is located in an area of ​​convergence between the Kwanza and Lucala rivers, is part of this area the municipality of Cambambe. This area is dedicated to fruit trees, palm and vegetables.


The province is located in the north of Angola and their height ranges from 500m to 1500m relative to sea level, the climate is temperate humid with an average temperature of 22 to 24 ° C. The capital, N'dalatando, is far from Luanda to 248km and 175km of Malanje.

The Kwanza-Norte is bathed and other rivers, the giant river Kwanza, which is the largest fully Angolan river. Its green banks offer refreshing beaches, mainly in the district of Dondo.


The province is known mainly by the forest reserves of Golungo Upper and Caculama, in which there are several types of local vegetation and flowers. The Falls Muebemje river and the springs of Santa Isabel eSobranceiro (which are located 2km N'dalatando) are other suitable venues for the tourist visitation.

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