Bié is a province of Angola. It has an area of ​​70,314 km² and its population of approximately 1,794 000 inhabitants. Its capital is the city of Kuito.
It is formed by the following municipalities: Andulo, Camacupa, Catabola, Chinguar, Chitembo, Cuemba, Cunhinga, Kuito and Nharea
The province has the size comparable to that of countries like Portugal or Czech Republic, it is situated in central Angola and borders the following provinces:
  • North: Kwanza Sul, Malanje, Lunda Sul.
  • East: Moxico.
  • South: Cuando-Cubango.
  • West: Huíla e Huambo.
  • The Kwanza river rises in this province, along with most of the country's rivers. With that the province acquires great potential hidreléctrico.

    The Bié was very struck during the Angolan Civil War and is still recovering, some basic services like electricity have been running normally in the region.


    The climate is hot and humid, the teperaturas range from 19ºC to 21ºC and there are two seasons: from October to April, which is hot and rainy; between May and September is dry with average temperatures of 2 ° C and 10 ° C degrees in the months of greatest cold, 18 ° C to 25 ° C in warmer weather periods.


    This region is an area of ​​confluence of a number of etnias.1. Prevails the Bieno, a subgroup of Ovimbundu, whose name relates to the name of the province. It is observed any presence of Chokwe groups in its migration from the northeast of Angola get here. Finally, there are people here small framed in ethnographic category Ganguela, eg the Lwimbi.

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