The Bengo is a northern province of Angola, with capital in the city of Caxito, in the municipality of Dande. The province has 25,139 square kilometers and is composed of six municipalities: Ambriz, Bula Atumba, Dande, Dembos, NambuangongoePango Aluquém


Located in the heart of the region where the direct Portuguese influence was felt from the foundation of the city of Luanda as head of colonial bridge, in the fifteenth century, the province is a recent administrative unit, established on 26 April de1980por breakdown of deLuanda province. By Law No. 29/11, of 1 September, the municipalities of Dande, Icolo and Bengoe perhaps ma were detached the province of Bengo and reintegrated in Luanda.


The province of Bengo has the following limits: The course of the Loge river from its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean to the confluence of River Lue; the course of the river Lue, from its confluence in the river Loge to its source; the line joining the sources of Lue and Suege rivers; the course of Suege River to its confluence with the river Luica; the course of Luica River to its confluence in the river Dange (or Dande); the course of the river Dange (Dande) from the confluence of Luica river upstream to the confluence of river Lufua; the course of Lufua river from its confluence with the river Dange (or Dande) to the confluence of river Cassenga; the course of Cassenga river to the confluence of its left bank tributary of (waterline) that has the source of Bethlehem-village road and situated between the source of the river Luvolo and dependencies from the Country of Our Lady of Grace; the course of this river (water line) to the east; the line joining the source of the tributary of Cassenga, above (water line), the source of the river Luvolo (branch further north); the course of the river to the confluence Luvolo in Lombige river; the course of Lombige River to its confluence in Zenza River; the course of Zenza River downstream to its confluence in Albufeira of Quiminha the river Bengo (or Zenza); the course of the river downstream to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean; the coast of the Atlantic Ocean north to the mouth of the Loge river.The Kibinda Forest Reserve is located in this province.


  • Agriculture: cotton, pineapples, cassava, banana, castor bean, guava, papaya, sugarcane, sisal, guava, coffee, sorghum, dendém palm, vegetables and citrus.
  • Livestock: Beef
  • Fishery
  • Minerals: uranium, quartz, feldspar, gypsum, sulfur, kaolin, asphalt, limestone-dolomite, iron and mica.
  • Industry: construction materials and a Coca-Cola soft drinks factory.

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